Company’s events : bespoke entertainments and performances to have your customers, employees, suppliers, community, … experience a day full of thrills.

Team Bourny organizes, within your company premises (parking place, hall), shows, motorbike first times, car first times, stunts, traineeships, ….

Bespoke organization

Your customers, suppliers, employees and friends will befriend while spending an unforgettable day together.

They will be able to take a seat in the famous devices they saw on TV or on European big circuits. We will offer them their first time on rear wheels aboard the wheeling truck or on lateral wheels aboard BMWs. The most fearless will also be introduced to controlled skidding or quad wheeling when others will prefer to stand and watch as spectators.

In any case, everyone will keep memories of this day event.


The whole 15 years company anniversary organization team and myself want to congratulate on your performance. The staff and the many spectators enjoyed your quality show which had an undeniable share in this day’s success.

Jacques  M ,Company Manager

We all enjoyed a wonderful afternoon interspersed with moments of thrill. Thank you once more for your availability, your friendliness and your partnership

Claude M, Company Manager  

An exceptional moment of thrill, intelligence working for calculated risk

Denis Rignault, Senator of Côtes d’Armor

The show quality, your organization, the security and the relationships with the team were the best. Lots of people are still talking about it

Macadam Motors Magazine

A pilot, a great stuntman, one of the world’s best

France Route Magazine

I want to thank you most especially for your shows’ quality.

Jean Marc Desnues, deputy CEO of the Mans 24 hours circuit

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