Full Show
4 possible programs
from 1 hour and a half
to 3 hours

A unique and unforgettable open air show which will on its own draw thousands of spectators and create a unprecedented event in your area.

4 possible programs  : time length from 1 hour and a half to 3 hours. We will put your program together with you. One of the rare European shows gathering so many kinds of stunts, acrobatics, out of the norm devices, pilots and stuntmen from diverse disciplines.

Our programs are flexible and can get adapted to the organizer requirements : length, budget, space,…

Depending on the chosen program, the audience will see up to 60 different acrobatics and stunts.

« The Navarra meeting owes you a good share of its success. 40.000 spectators came and applauded you. »

Michel Ligonnet, General Manager of the Navarra Circuit.

“Wow ! Let me tell you, what a dynamic, what a dexterity, they display these stunts specialists… The Patrick Bourny show, that’s sheer madness ! The audience is awed and asks for more. Good sign. The show is one of a kind. For such a long time we hadn’t seen such a line of spectators. Telling of the impact, the fascination wielded by this type of shows.”

Newspaper : La Montagne


Thanks from the association of Sancoins firefighters and congratulations on your performance during the Cher firefighters’ congress.

A show where a large audience came and enjoyed the experience of a fantastic team. A quality show where shivers, challenges, excitement, applauses were part of the program. An audience thrilled for 4 hours who asked for more. As far as I am concerned, this day will remain etched in my mind. I did not err in entrusting you the organization of this much awaited day. We have been talking and will keep on talking for a long time about this Cher firefighters’ congress in Sancoins.

Thanks to you and to your whole team with whom we spent an unforgettable time.


Letter from the association of Sancoins firefighters to Patrick Bourny

Shows by types
To inset during your trade shows, fairs, festive days, contests, …

Wheeling truck show

The first truck in the world to drive balanced on its rear wheels



Looping truck show

A show, unique in the world, combining performance, ingeniousness and technique



Motorcycle stunts, jumps and fire show

Big jumps, bespoke performances, stunts or even fire shows…



Motorbike stunts show

Wheelings, stoppies, burns, drifts, … Stunts with one or several pilots



Car Show

Car stunts, steering on 2 wheels, drifts, skids, performances with fire…



Action live show

In live : hostage taking, car chases, shoot-outs, falls, …



Dragster Show

Display of jet engine, combustion engine  dragsters and hydro-propelled prototypes.


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